December 21 12-3 Bom Bom Brands and 3-6 Location Wines

Muckey's Liquors 4th Annual Grand Whiskey Tasting!

December 6  4-7 Lamarca

December 7 3-5 Captain Morgan  1-3 Doc Brown's Really Bad Rum

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December 8 12-3  Stroudwater Distillery Belfry and Vespertino Tequila Cream

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December 20 4-7 Few and Widow Jane

We have some incredible new additions to our Grand Whiskey Tasting!

This is a Do-Not-Miss event!

Not only will you get to try over 25+ different types of premium Whiskeys, but you will also have a chance to purchase a bottle of the rare and very sought-after Pappy 10, 12, or 15 year Bottles!

December 1  12-3 Brown Bomber

​December 13 ​4-7  Teeling Whiskey Distillery Ambassador! 

December 14 12-3 Brockman's Gin and 3-6 Jack Daniel's Apple

Muckey's reminds you to please drink responsibly

November Tastings

Upcoming Events!

December 28 11-2 Barefoot Bubbly

December 22  12-2 Old New England Eggnog and 2-5 Bonitalia Wines

This year, as a special treat, we are raffling off a bottle of Dalmore Scotch Aged 35 Years, Single Malt! 

There are only 3 bottles in the State and we have one!! 

Raffle tickets are already for sale!

Drawing date:  TBA

Buy your raffle tickets at our Grand Whiskey Tasting 

YOU may be our lucky winner! 

Just $100 per chance!

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